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International Hydrogen Aviation Association

5th September 2024

About IHAA

What is IHAA?

The International Hydrogen Aviation Association (IHAA) is a non-profit organisation which promotes technical advancements in hydrogen aviation sector. The IHAA represents leading companies and institutions that are engaged in research, design & development, demonstration and commercialisation of hydrogen in aviation. 

IHAA aims to bring together world's specialised aviation companies, aircraft OEMs, aircraft operators, aviation ground support equipment suppliers, aviation onboard energy suppliers, aviation consultants, government organisations and councils with an interest in Hydrogen use in aviation. Organisations having interest in hydrogen use in aviation are encouraged to apply by completing the below membership enquiry form.

IHAA Management

Dr. Naveed Akhtar- Founding President

Naveed is the founder and CEO of Hy-Hybrid Energy. He has been engaged in the hydrogen/fuel cell activities since past two decades. He is among one of the experts around the world who have the opportunity to work on almost all major types of fuel cells, i.e. SOFC, PEMFC, DMFC and AFC. Naveed has worked on fuel cells at world renowned institutions in Germany, the Netherlands and UK.

Ferenc Kovacs- Vice President

Ferenc is the CEO of GOLDI Mobility- one of the biggest suppliers of BKV Zrt. for the past ~ 40 years. In an ambition to switch to clean energy mobility, Ferenc took the lead to initiate the first-of-its kind fuel cell bus development project (GOLDiON®) in Hungary. As a hydrogen enthusiast, being motivated by the technology, Ferenc is aiming to setup drone business within the country to promote hydrogen use in the aviation sector.



Membership is currently open at Corporate level only. For membership enquiries, please fill in the following form:

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